Monthly Archives: September 2015


The internet continues to be problematic, not giving me reliable access since the end of July. I’m planning on giving MA Bell the boot and switching over to Xplorenet, but apparently that will have to wait until sometime in October or November. That’s when either a new satellite or more bandwidth becomes available. Until then, I’ve been told, it’s not worth switching, as there are so many internet satellite users already in our area that service is S-L-O-W. Better slow than not at all, but I’m thinking what’s another month or so after all this aggravation? So I’ll wait.

Meanwhile, there have been a lot of things going on in my neck of the woods with respect to wildlife world.

Let’s start with the two Canada goose goslings Lil received from people earlier this spring. Both were orphans, from different broods, and both were only a few days old when she received them. Lil has raised goslings before, with mixed results. Some grew up and integrated and eventually left with wild birds, but others did not and ultimately fell to predation when they insisted on staying ‘home’.

These two grew up and imprinted on a goose decoy, or as Lil called it, their dummy mummy. Unfortunately, this year wild geese seldom visited our beaver pond, and the pair that nested on the pond left with their three young shortly after they hatched. They did not return. The end result was that the orphan goslings stuck around the front of the pond, mostly on the lawn with dummy mummy and seldom ventured out on the water.

One morning not long ago Lil checked on the goslings, as she did every morning, and announced one was missing. After a search, she was pretty sure a predator had gotten it, as she found a pile of feathers.

Later in the afternoon she asked if I’d go with her to the other side of the pond as she had a feeling she’d find the remains. So I went with her and sure enough we found the remains of the missing goose.

But first we saw a lynx. After the lynx snuck off, we looked around and saw that it had buried what it didn’t eat.

The next morning the other goose was gone.

Then, the next morning, the lynx was lying on the open rock on the far side of the pond, close to where we had seen it when it had absconded with the first gosling. Perhaps it was to gloat, or maybe to give thanks.


For the past six weeks, I have been more or less unable to access the internet – I live a fair ways from the nearest tower and this year the wireless internet traffic from the summer residents and other tourists seemed to use up the bandwidth and I couldn’t get on. However, things seem to be improving now that many have left to go back to work and school, so I hope to soon resume posting blogs. There is lots to talk about!