Hare Today


There’s a snowshoe hare feeding on the lawn edge regularly the past few days. It’s about the only place where there is any green vegetation as yet. No leaves on the trees, just a few buds on shrubbery. At least the pussy willows are out and except for the deep lake trout type lakes, the ice has finally melted.

But the ticks are out. I counted three ticks in one of the hares’ ears. On this photo, I can see one. Ticks are a scourge here – I for one wouldn’t mind if a plague or something wiped them out. Even tick extinction would be okay, I think.

As an aside, fishing was great on opening day (Saturday, the 17th). It took three of us less than 2 h to limit out on walleye, and also catch 10 jumbo perch. The walleye were spilling milt, so obviously the spawn is imminent. We did not keep any large fish, so no females spawners were taken (by us).

But back to wildlife. With little greenery yet, it might be tough on newborn deer and moose. Not for the young, but the mom’s need a lot of good food to produce milk. It’s not going to happen, but given the severity of the winter, I suspect most deer will be stillborn, or not last long after birth. Moose are more resilient, but it can’t be good to have this cold (and wet) spring.

Oh well. It’s just part of the natural cycle, where only those that are the most fit survive. Not like with us humans. Most of us – at least in the 1st world – have a darn good chance of living a long life. That’s a good thing for us as individuals, but the long-term implications may not be quite so rosy. Only time will tell.

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