Wok What?


The use of dogs, close relatives to wild wolves, to aid human hunters remains controversial. Of course, human hunters are themselves a controversy. I can understand why many don’t like hunting or hunters, but I’m proud to be a hunter and I sometimes hunt with dogs.

Dog breeding, hunting dogs included, are like with many domestic animals, in that they are part of a huge industry regulating and monitoring who breeds with whom. With respect to agriculture, the concern is often one based on human health – despite the fact there are millions of cattle in North America, rules and regulations breeders have to follow ensures investigators can track meat products on the shelf back to the processing plant, feedlot and farm those cows came from. Dog breeding is designed mostly to maintain or change particular breeds and breed characteristics. If anything, the dog pedigree business is even more in-depth than than those kept by the agri-business, with records that can date back many, many generations.

Depending on species and then breed, there are dozens and dozens of pedigree and breeding organizations. These organizational bodies are usually independent, self-regulated institutions, but increasingly they have to follow federal rules and regulations to remain within the laws of the land. I heard that there are changes in the air regarding the role of the Canadian government and who does what in the world or breeding and record keeping and ensuring everyone plays by the rules. Such changes may or may not have an impact on the breed of dog I know, but if it does, it will be minimal.

That’s because I own and hunt with a dog whose breeding until recently was authorized only by the parent club in Germany. the VDW (German Wachtelhund Club). To breed this dog and be able to provide papers on the offspring, one pretty much had to spend a lot of time in Germany to pass the required performance hunt and measurement tests. So obviously, the breed was pretty much restricted to the European Continent, even though the VDW was established in 1903. However, after some really hard work, that’s not over yet, the Germans have recognized a US based organization that calls itself the DWNA (Deutscher Wachtelhund North America, Inc.). Based in Wisconsin, the DWNA has been OK’d by the VDW, although there are still on-going discussions regarding use of appropriate species of hunted game during field trials (the species and terrain hunted differs considerably between Europe and North America).

Anyway, my dog is a Wachtelhund. As in ‘Walk tell hund’, or simply Wachtel. If you want to read about how I got involved in what amounts to a very exotic breed (not something I ever imagined doing), you can go to the following site. http://www.wachtelhund.org/WachtelRanta.php?pagerCurrent=1

It’s not a site run by the DWNA (there’s a long story there), but it is the original story I wrote about the Wachtels many years ago.

Anyway, that’s me and Brill in the photo.


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