Just Thinking


Animal Behaviour is an interesting discipline; think of it as in-depth analysis of the how, what, where and why of the movements animals make. For a long-time, the prevailing wisdom was that animals weren’t capable of thinking – they were basically auto-matrons responding to stimuli, and did not experience feelings like fear, dread, happiness or love. Only humans had feelings like that.

We’ve come a long way in the last few years and today, most people believe many animals do, at some level, have feelings. This means many animals are sentient.

I have to wonder what the feelings are of the animals who are sentient and struggling to survive what’s been a very severe winter across much of temperate North America. Where I live, I think  the local deer herd will decline by at least 50%.

The deer, it seems to me, are being rather stoic about it. They just suck it up, and try to get through it the best way they can.

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