Critter Cam 2


Updated Mar 16

As I said in my last post, I was working on tabulating the results of our elk monitoring in the Lake of the Woods area. Finally finished.

Here’s the results from a cumulative total of 790 days of photo monitoring at 11 sites:

140 elk; 20 moose; 207 deer; 30 bear; 33 wolves; and 17 large animals I could not identify.

We are hoping our MSc. candidate can examine the data further, looking at habitat relationships as well as trying to better estimate the actual number of different animals that can be identified. Our focus is on elk, but nothing lives or dies in isolation.

Now, many, many of those large mammals photographed were the same animal. But they were observed during different events, so got recorded as an animal sighting. But that’s a big challenge, trying to identify who’s who.

It was cool to see things like several bouts of fighting elk, as above; and the pack of 7 wolves that streamed by a camera one night.

Lots of fun.

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