mmm – foood!

mmm - foood!

Pileated woodpeckers are usually very shy, but this male has become very tame. It even landed on Lil’s arm the other day, when she was re-filling the suet holder.

Early in the 20th century, there was fear the pileated would become extinct. Fortunately, the population recovered. They can do a lot of damage to utility poles, though, and the Hydro crews in northern Ontario are constantly replacing ‘problem’ wooden poles – ones the woodpeckers like to nest in – with steel girders.

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  1. skulduggery said:

    One winter we cut down some pines that the ants had got the better of, the pileated woodpeckers had been doing their best to get rid of the ants but the trees needed to come down as they were right next to the cabin. As soon as we had cut down the trees the pileated woodpecker came by to check out one of his favorites trees and I think he was quite put out. He proceeded to go from window to window until he found one that suited him and proceeded to tear apart the wooden sash. It took us over a week of chasing him away before he finally left that window alone.

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