Ms Moose

Ms Moose

As the tough winter in much of Canada and the US continues, it becomes more and more likely losses of game animals, especially deer and turkey, but others as well, will be substantial. That’s problematic for managers, as budgets of state and provincial wildlife agencies are often linked to sales of hunting (and fishing) licences. This becomes problematic because many agencies – and hunting and fishing advocacy groups – are reticent to restrict hunting opportunities to the extent they maybe should when populations drop, fearing the loss of revenue. In my opinion, too strong a linkage to license sales and management budgets isn’t, as Martha Stewart  would say, ‘a good thing’.

  1. Larry skinkle said:

    I just heard last night that preliminary results for this winter’s moose surveys in Ontario are showing declining numbers. No doubt reductions in tags will follow this year.

  2. I’ve heard the moose count was down here in the northwest, but I hadn’t heard about the rest of the province. Did you see how the OFAH president spent his entire column in the recent issue of OOD defending the present calf hunting system? The data I’ve seen suggests high calf harvest is likely a major cause of moose decline in about half the WMU’s in the province.

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